Saturday, February 4, 2012

I know stats aren't everything, but lets compare #AarongRogers vs #DrewBrees. One stat alone put AR ahead, INTs.


I know stats aren't everything, but lets compare Rogers vs Brees.

Rogers main stats that pushed him ahead of Brees (I think) was the number of wins and his QB rating. That must be it, because Brees pretty much has him beat in most other categories.

Rogers had the highest QB rating in the league at 122.5. Brees was #2 at 110.6. This was due to one stat (an important one). INTs. Rogers on had 6 and Brees had 14. Brees did thrown over 150 more passes, but Rogers had

Rogers' Packers had a league-leading record of 15-1. Brees and the Saints went 13-3 which was tied for 2nd most wins.

But despite Rogers' excellent season, I think Drew Brees should have won the MVP. And this his why:

- Brees was #1 in passing yards this season.
- Brees was #1 in completion percentage this season.
- Brees was #1 in TDs this season (46, which is 4th most in NFL history)

Drew and the Saints set some all-time NFL records

- Drew Brees passed for the most yards in a single season ever. (5,038).
- Drew Brees passed for the most completions in a single season ever (468).
- Drew Brees had the highest completion percentage in a single season ever (71.6).
- Brees surpassed 300 yards passing for the seventh straight game and 13th time this season, both NFL records he already held and simply extended.
- The Saints set the league record for most yards from scrimmage in a season (7,474).

I dont' think postseason stats matter for the MVP voting, but they matter to me.

- Brees passed for 466 yards, the most during a postseason game to end in regulation.
- The Saints broke the single-game  postseason record of 610 yards.
- In the playoffs Brees had a 110 QB rating and AVERAGED 464.0 yards and 3+ TDs per game. Far surpassing Rogers stats. Not to mention Brees won a game in the playoffs.

Whoever whens the game tomorrow will not care about Rogers or Brees' stats, records, awards, etc. The ring is the thing. But thankfully for both Rogers and Brees, they have their rings and don't have to prove anything.

I'm hoping the Saints go on another run next year and become the first team in NFL history to play a home game for the Superbowl. WHO DAT!.

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