Monday, March 5, 2012

We pulled a surprise ninja pop-in on Robert Steel, @OutlawSteel, Sat night at Flipnotics in Austin. Andrew Pressman and Raina Rose also performed and killed it.


Lisa and I took a ride down to Austin for the weekend. Lisa had a work thing on Sat and then we just enjoyed the town. Our friend Robert Steel was playing with Andrew Pressman and Raina Rose at Flipnotics and we surprised Rob by showing up. We had a good time and the music was great. I have never met or heard Raina before in person. She was pretty damn awesome. Andrew played bass on Rob and Raina's songs and is great as well. I even got up and played a song, which was fun. Andrew quickly learned my song and added some tasty bass lines.

Rob met us at Home Slice Pizza after the show and we threw down on some kick-ass pizza.

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