Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yes, Cuban he gets a ton of praise for the 2011 Mavs. And he should get a ton of hell for the 2012 Mavs.

Why, why, why would you break up a championship team only months after they win the damn thing? What are you doing? Are you clearing out players to bring in other players so you can win a title? Well you already had a title-winning team. Just do that again. Leave it alone.

So what would be the worse case scenario? You sign Chandler, Barea, etc. and you have everything in place to win a championship. It's a proven winner.  Two or three years later the team is decimated because you overpaid to keep you team together. Three years from now, Kidd, Terry, and probably Dirk are done anyway. You will be rebuilding anyway. If that salaries push the rebuild back a few years then so what. I'm fine with that. They had their reign at the top. It's all about the rings. Get them while you can. You don't speculate on moves in the future when you have everything in place now. Damn, what more do you want.

I think Cuban also did a huge disservice to Dirk, Kidd, and Terry, because they will not be around when and if there is a new crop of talent in here.

Yes, I'll trade Dwight Howard for Tyson Chandler any day. But even with Howard, there is an "if" involved. With Chandler it's a done deal. It worked.

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