Friday, June 22, 2012

Looking for MP3 download of Iron Maiden's Brave New World. Not free. I want to buy. No Amazon, no iTunes, etc. ??

I acquired an MP3 back in 2001 of the song "The Wickerman". It was recent Maiden song at the time and it was really good. It could have been off of Powerslave, Peace of Mind, etc. It was classic Dickerson era Maiden. I never got around the looking into the album it came off of. I would just listen to the one song now and then. So today I click on the file and play it, but it's only 45 seconds long? WTF. I know I had the whole thing, but something happened to the file. So I thought, I'll just go buy the file, and maybe the whole album. Well, I can't seem to find it. I can only buy the CD. Well, I can buy an MP3 of that one song, but not whole album. It's funny though, you can buy it in the U.K. for some reason. ???

I did buy The Wickerman and I am happily jamming, but really want the whole album.

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