Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fonts in FF look crappy with Cleartype off. As a developer I should leave the default settings. IE9 by default is anti aliased & fonts are smooth, but not FF.

My dilemma is with using Google fonts. These cool fonts look like crap in FF (FF 14, Win7). Times and Arial are ok and readable, but when go outside the websafe fonts they are aliased and ugly. Now IE9 (IE9 Win7) has anti aliasing built in and it smooths out the fonts. This looks fine. That features annoys me in some other ways, but the fonts look good.

Look at using FF and IE. I am running Win7 and using FF 14 and IE9.

So, do I used these exotic fonts knowing I lot of people will see them with these ugly jagged edges? Every person with a somewhat new computer using FF will see it that way.

Chome is somewhere in between. It looks better than FF, but worse that IE. More people use Chrome on desktops than any other browser BTW. Didn't realize they has surpassed FF, but as of March 2012 they are winning.

OK, so I had turned Cleartype on and it smoothed the fonts in FF, but they I went back and turned it back off to see check Chrome, but now in FF the fonts are still smooth. Why didn't it return to being jagged? Maybe I need to reboot, but I didn't need to reboot to turn Cleartype on???

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