Thursday, October 25, 2012

Staycation Day 4: Slept in a bit (awesome) but missed prime fishing weather as it turned windy, rainy, and cold. Caught 1 and paddled in as the temps dropped.

I ran a few errands and did a few things around the house, so besides fishing, I did accomplish a few things. 

I had a weird thing at rehearsal last night where my tuner and Robbie's tuner were not on the same page. Both our tuners showed our D strings were in tune, but they were clearly not the same not. WTF? I have a Planet Waves tuner pedal that seems to work well. Robbie is using one of those clip-on tuners. I'm not sure what brand. I have no idea who's is correct. I need to bring a pitch pipe next time and compare. I have a tuner on my phone, and another tuners, so maybe we can check on every tuner we have and see what the results are. We played the whole rehearsal out of tune. It was close, but it was  not right. 

Staycation Day 3 came with quite the scare. It ended really good with a kick-ass band rehearsal.

1st rehearsal with new drummer (Chad). Went well. Felt great. Good things to come!

Phase I
The original 49th Vibration band has turned over completely (besides me). It started out a few years back with me, April Samuels on drums, and David Harbour on bass. 

Harbour was the original architect as he was the driving force for getting a band together around my acoustic songs. He knew April and got us all together and it gelled from day one, which was very cool. The songs were instantly transformed and the whole thing felt really natural. We rehearsed for a long time before playing a hand full of gigs, and then things fizzled out.

Phase II
Things started back up when April kicked breast cancer's ass and started doing a lot of fun raisers for breast cancer research, so  she suggested we get together and do a few gigs to support the cause. Harbour was not interested in doing the shows, so I approached Robbie about playing bass, and he was in.

We played a couple of shows and they went well. We continued to rehearse (me, April, and Robbie) and had plans to continue on and play more shows, record, etc. 

Then, April was approached with an opportunity to play drums for the "Metal Shop" franchise. April jumped on board and her time was instantly filled, so there was no time left for 49th V.

Phase III
Now I am moving on with Robbie Wilson and Chad Litersky on drums. I'm not sure if we should keep the 49th Vibration title. It doesn't feel like the same band anymore, and it's not like I have any real brand awareness out there. I guess that's something we'll talk about soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 2 of staycation: Got a few things accomplished, but not much. Mountain biking and gun range tomorrow.

No go on open mic, so I played my songs to two ducks at White Rock Lake. They were very polite and attentive.

I put a new set of strings on my Alvarez acoustic and was really digging the sound, so I decided to go to White Rock Coffee to play a few tunes at their open mic night. I've gone there before, but it was a few years ago. It was pretty cool and they have good coffee.

I showed up around 7:45 and they were supposed to start at 7, so I was surprised when no one was playing and I didn't see any P.A. or any other people with instruments. I asked at the counter and they were in fact still going to have an open mic night, so I bought a coffee and wend sit down and played on my phone.

About 20 minutes later a guy set up two small practice amps. He plugged his guitar into one and plugged a mic into the other. He started playing. The guy played and sang OK, but the sound was terrible. What happened to the P.A.? I know they used to have one at their open mic night. 

I decided that I didn't need any help sounding bad, so I left. I went to White Rock Lake and sat on one of the small piers and played a bunch of songs. It was really dark. I guess the rich folks that live along the lake don't allow a bunch of lights along the lake. It made for a really cool evening. Their was a nice breeze and not many people on the train, which was good. I didn't want an audience at this point.

Just got WhiteRockCoffee 4 openMic. Only 1 name on list. Bad r Good?

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Staycation Day 1 went well. Lots of work around the house, errand running, and freelance work. I hope to have more fun today.

I made a to-do list and made it about half way through yesterday. I hope to know most of the rest out today, but also have some fun. It looks like some rain might be on the way, which will mess with my fishing and mountain biking plans.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Troy ran 7 miles at Sam Houston Trail Park -


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