Thursday, October 25, 2012

1st rehearsal with new drummer (Chad). Went well. Felt great. Good things to come!

Phase I
The original 49th Vibration band has turned over completely (besides me). It started out a few years back with me, April Samuels on drums, and David Harbour on bass. 

Harbour was the original architect as he was the driving force for getting a band together around my acoustic songs. He knew April and got us all together and it gelled from day one, which was very cool. The songs were instantly transformed and the whole thing felt really natural. We rehearsed for a long time before playing a hand full of gigs, and then things fizzled out.

Phase II
Things started back up when April kicked breast cancer's ass and started doing a lot of fun raisers for breast cancer research, so  she suggested we get together and do a few gigs to support the cause. Harbour was not interested in doing the shows, so I approached Robbie about playing bass, and he was in.

We played a couple of shows and they went well. We continued to rehearse (me, April, and Robbie) and had plans to continue on and play more shows, record, etc. 

Then, April was approached with an opportunity to play drums for the "Metal Shop" franchise. April jumped on board and her time was instantly filled, so there was no time left for 49th V.

Phase III
Now I am moving on with Robbie Wilson and Chad Litersky on drums. I'm not sure if we should keep the 49th Vibration title. It doesn't feel like the same band anymore, and it's not like I have any real brand awareness out there. I guess that's something we'll talk about soon.

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