Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No go on open mic, so I played my songs to two ducks at White Rock Lake. They were very polite and attentive.

I put a new set of strings on my Alvarez acoustic and was really digging the sound, so I decided to go to White Rock Coffee to play a few tunes at their open mic night. I've gone there before, but it was a few years ago. It was pretty cool and they have good coffee.

I showed up around 7:45 and they were supposed to start at 7, so I was surprised when no one was playing and I didn't see any P.A. or any other people with instruments. I asked at the counter and they were in fact still going to have an open mic night, so I bought a coffee and wend sit down and played on my phone.

About 20 minutes later a guy set up two small practice amps. He plugged his guitar into one and plugged a mic into the other. He started playing. The guy played and sang OK, but the sound was terrible. What happened to the P.A.? I know they used to have one at their open mic night. 

I decided that I didn't need any help sounding bad, so I left. I went to White Rock Lake and sat on one of the small piers and played a bunch of songs. It was really dark. I guess the rich folks that live along the lake don't allow a bunch of lights along the lake. It made for a really cool evening. Their was a nice breeze and not many people on the train, which was good. I didn't want an audience at this point.

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