Thursday, October 25, 2012

Staycation Day 4: Slept in a bit (awesome) but missed prime fishing weather as it turned windy, rainy, and cold. Caught 1 and paddled in as the temps dropped.

I ran a few errands and did a few things around the house, so besides fishing, I did accomplish a few things. 

I had a weird thing at rehearsal last night where my tuner and Robbie's tuner were not on the same page. Both our tuners showed our D strings were in tune, but they were clearly not the same not. WTF? I have a Planet Waves tuner pedal that seems to work well. Robbie is using one of those clip-on tuners. I'm not sure what brand. I have no idea who's is correct. I need to bring a pitch pipe next time and compare. I have a tuner on my phone, and another tuners, so maybe we can check on every tuner we have and see what the results are. We played the whole rehearsal out of tune. It was close, but it was  not right. 

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