Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Got a bad cold a week ago and been in a fog ever since. Need to shake it physically & mentally

Things were going good. I had a great couple of weeks of running and working out (matched my PB with 7 reps of 225 on the bench....well, my old 40+ PB), had a new song just about wrapped up, with some potential cool gigs coming up.

Having run or worked out in a week, stayed home sick from work and missed our Valentine's Day dinner ($100 meal came home in a box and I just about puked looking at it), no practice for either band, blew the speakers in my bass cab, no motivation, no energy, and kind of down in the dumps about everything right now.

Not looking for sympathy, but maybe writing it down will make me get off my ass and turn my attitude around, sick or not. 

I did have a couple of really bad days, but it's not that I've been bed-ridden with the flu, it's just a bad cold. But it does effect my sleep, which effects everything else.

Oh yea, and my Lent program lasted I day. I had Taco Bell on Wed. Actually, it didn't even last one day. 

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