Friday, March 29, 2013

Helped Katie with a school project. We shot some video at Arbor Hills. Pretty fun.

New speaker in bass cab. I am ready to rock and blow another one.

I totally shredded one of the speakers in my Carvin 2x10 bass cab. I ordered a replacement speaker from Carvin. It was $50 and arrived in about 3 days. It can't get much simpler than that. I considered reconing it, or having it reconed, but even the recone kits, and having someone else do it were all getting pretty close to the replacement coast, so I just pulled the trigger on a new one.

I am back baby!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

So I have this nail in my tire....

I see this nail in my tire. Maybe it's not a nail, but I piece of metal of some sort. My tire is not flat, but looks a little low. I plan to go get it fixed, but then I think, I have a patch kit and an air compressor. I can do this. 

So I get my stuff ready and go to the tire and pull out the nail. The hole is in between the treads, so with the tire on the car I can't really see the hole now that I pulled the nail out. So I put a piece of tape on the tire to mark the spot, and then I proceed to take the tire off, so I can work see the hole and have some working room.

I've had this car for 3.5 years and luckily I've never had a flat or a reason to take off the tire. So the search is on for the jack and how to work it. That doesn't really take that long as the jack is under the back seat and is similar to the jack I've had with my last couple of cars.

I jack the car up, scraping my knuckles on the concrete along the way. I pull the tire and look  around where I marked the tire, and I can't see a whole. That's not totally unusual, as the rubber kind of sealed back up after the nail is pulled out of it. So I pull some spit around the area to see if it bubbles. This always works with my bicycle tires, so I thought it would work here too. The escaping air will usually bubble up through the spit, and it makes it easy to find the hole. No luck this time.

I'm scratching my head a bit, but I decide to get some soapy water, like the shops do, and spray that around the area, as that will do the same as the spit. It should bubble even more than the  spit. Again, nothing.

So what now? I don't want to make a hole in my tire just so I can stick a plug in there. Is it possible that the nail did not actually puncture the tire? Could it have been a superficial wound? 

Oh well. So I check the pressure and it is a little low, but just barely. I fill up the tire with air and put it back on. 

what a waste of time.

I shredded my bass cab speaker at the last 1969s gig.

Going back to RSS and finding out Google Reader is going away. Checking out Feedly. What's everyone using now days?

Went away from RSS for a while, but coming back. Not choosing RSS over Twitter, but using both more and more.

I saw a widdle wabbit at Arbor Hills

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chrome not liking JS replace without using a RegEx? Parentheses character. Was that why? Also, must rap ) in [].

does not work in Chrome
galleryDiv_bg = galleryDiv_bg.replace(')',''); 

does work in chrome
galleryDiv_bg = galleryDiv_bg.replace(/[)]/g,'');

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Laying down guitars and vocals today on "Faking My Way". It's coming along.

I (Troy) worked on a lot of different guitar and vocal tracks. The song (Faking My Way) is pretty straight forward, and I didn't want to clutter it up, but the creative juices were flowing, so we'll see what I think, and what the band thinks, after I have some time to reset my ears and hear it tomorrow in the car.