Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Forwarded responsive email to Gmail. Gmail ignores some inline styles and make a big mess of everything.

I kept racking my brain trying to figure out why Gmail was ignoring the inline styles and showing my mobile hidden content. It looked fine in my own Gmail inbox, as well as all the Litmus Gmail tests. ??

Then I found out that the email in question was being forwarded from one inbox (Outlook) to their Gmail account. All hell broke loose.

Friday, April 26, 2013

After getting a very solid responsive email design working (not breaking) in almost all email clients, then...

A work mate showed me his Gmail account and it of course ignored the media queries, which I expected, but it also ignored all the inline CSS. It ignored width, display, visibility, max-height, etc. so both my mobile content and desktop content are showing. Arrgggg.

I testing it in my own Gmail account and it looked good. I ran a Litmus test and it looked good in Gmail (IE, FF, and Chrome). Not one of their tests showed the mess that I saw on my work buddy's Gmail account. (scratching head).

The worst thing is that I cannot replicate it, so it's hard to QA when I have only one known source, and he's not at my beck and call. He's actually a contractor, so he's not even always in the building. 

Research, research.

Campaign Monitor, A List Apart, StackOverflow, etc. where are you when I need you?

IE7 down under 1%. Please take your close cousin IE8 with you.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I tried @CajunTailgators food truck. Had Crawfish Etouffee & gumbo. Pretty good. Read my review.

The Cajun Tailgators food truck was on my end of town last night, so I went and gave them a try. They were parked in the Walgreens parking lot at Midway and Frankford.

I can't remember how I head about them, but at some point a started following them on Twitter, and it finally paid off.

They were very friendly and pleasant, and they got my order to me very quickly.

I tried the crawfish etouffee and the chicken and sausage gumbo.

The crawfish etouffee was good. I can't tell if they used a roux, so if they did it was light, and I like more of a stronger roux taste. Kinda skimpy on the amount of crawfish also, but they had good flavor. I don't know if they use Louisiana or Chinese crawfish. Louisiana crawfish are way more expensive, but it was $7 for a little bowl, so either way you think they could throw in a few more.

I have a very specific idea on how I expect my etouffee to taste. Growing up, etouffee varied a lot even with my parents and relatives who were great cooks, but there are some standard components  that etouffee must have. 

All that being said, the crawfish etouffee was tasty and I would likely try it again.

I also tried the chicken and sausage gumbo. I could not find one piece of sausage in the bowl. It did have a generous amount of chicken, which was very good, and the overall taste of the gumbo was very good. Again, I like a stronger roux taste, but I was would most definitely try the gumbo again.

The gumbo really hit the spot, as it was a chilly night and I crave gumbo when the temps drop.

I'm looking forward to trying them again. I really want to try the boudin balls and their red beans and rice.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Love the Mavs, but this is not the celebration I'm use to seeing at the end of a season.

Yes, Cubes gets a ton of credit for putting together a championship team, but he also gets credit for this.

Dirk can never win another game for the rest of his career and he's still be the greatest Mav of all time, my favorite Mav, and one of the all-time NBA greats, but I don't want to see him go out like this. I know he's not done. He's built with world-class German engineering. But if you put cheap low-tread tires, low octane fuel, etc. in a Porsche you won't be able to out last a finely tuned Chevy.

OK, not the greatest analogy, but I think you get what I'm saying.

Been a while since working in Flash. Going to gotoandlearn.com for a tune up. @davidwalshblog

Friday, April 12, 2013

Hey, Feedburner's Socialize has sped up. My Tweets show up pretty quick now. I take it all back.

Caught a nice little 2+ lb bass to start my weekend off right.

HTML Emails. The saga continues. Gmail and Outlook are public enemy #1.... and #2.

Gmail strips <style> in the head. This includes any media queries. So All styles must be inline for Gmail. This pretty much leaves out any styling for mobile, but most people don't use the Gmail app on their phone, they use the native email app. I believe this is true for Android and iPhone users.

This doesn't address all the webmail clients, but that's for another day, or hopefully never.

So, to override the inline styles when styling for mobile, you must use the !important function. This will force the style to override any other styles for that particular tag, selector, etc.


If you want to hide a block of content (in the desktop version for example), you would add inline styles, display:none to hide it. But, freakin Gmail doesn't recognize that.

So we try all kind of other styles like, width:0, visibility:hidden, max-height:0, overflow:hidden.

Gmail does seem to understand some or most of those, as it will hide the content.


Gmail will ignore those inline styles if applied to a table. So, wrap the table in a <div> and put the inline styles in the <div>.


Outlook 07 (and probably 10) does not like DIVs. It will ignore the inline styles in the <div>.

How about <p>? Not so much. Both Gmail and Outlook 07 ignored it.

Next, I tried both the <div> and the <table> styles. I wrapped the <table> with a <div> and applied the inline styles to both.

This worked. Finally.