Friday, April 26, 2013

After getting a very solid responsive email design working (not breaking) in almost all email clients, then...

A work mate showed me his Gmail account and it of course ignored the media queries, which I expected, but it also ignored all the inline CSS. It ignored width, display, visibility, max-height, etc. so both my mobile content and desktop content are showing. Arrgggg.

I testing it in my own Gmail account and it looked good. I ran a Litmus test and it looked good in Gmail (IE, FF, and Chrome). Not one of their tests showed the mess that I saw on my work buddy's Gmail account. (scratching head).

The worst thing is that I cannot replicate it, so it's hard to QA when I have only one known source, and he's not at my beck and call. He's actually a contractor, so he's not even always in the building. 

Research, research.

Campaign Monitor, A List Apart, StackOverflow, etc. where are you when I need you?

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