Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I tried @CajunTailgators food truck. Had Crawfish Etouffee & gumbo. Pretty good. Read my review.

The Cajun Tailgators food truck was on my end of town last night, so I went and gave them a try. They were parked in the Walgreens parking lot at Midway and Frankford.

I can't remember how I head about them, but at some point a started following them on Twitter, and it finally paid off.

They were very friendly and pleasant, and they got my order to me very quickly.

I tried the crawfish etouffee and the chicken and sausage gumbo.

The crawfish etouffee was good. I can't tell if they used a roux, so if they did it was light, and I like more of a stronger roux taste. Kinda skimpy on the amount of crawfish also, but they had good flavor. I don't know if they use Louisiana or Chinese crawfish. Louisiana crawfish are way more expensive, but it was $7 for a little bowl, so either way you think they could throw in a few more.

I have a very specific idea on how I expect my etouffee to taste. Growing up, etouffee varied a lot even with my parents and relatives who were great cooks, but there are some standard components  that etouffee must have. 

All that being said, the crawfish etouffee was tasty and I would likely try it again.

I also tried the chicken and sausage gumbo. I could not find one piece of sausage in the bowl. It did have a generous amount of chicken, which was very good, and the overall taste of the gumbo was very good. Again, I like a stronger roux taste, but I was would most definitely try the gumbo again.

The gumbo really hit the spot, as it was a chilly night and I crave gumbo when the temps drop.

I'm looking forward to trying them again. I really want to try the boudin balls and their red beans and rice.

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