Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Anyone else confused by S04 Arrested Development? Funny, but hard to follow.

I made it through about half of the new season of Arrested Development. It's kinda hard to follow and started off really weird. It's funny, but kind of odd.

I don't remember Michael being this dumb. He's sleeping with *****? That doesn't make sense. He's had his moments of bad judgement in the past, but he was usually the smartest and forthright of family, and now he seems just a messed up as the rest of them. Again, it's funny, and I guess that's all that matters.

They went quite a while without any Tobias scenes. He stills the show for me.

What the hell happened to Portia de Rossi? Wow, what a shame. The character is still funny, but man.. WTF?

Not enough Buster so far. Again, I'm only half way through the season.

Overall, it's funny and I'm in, but a slight let down so far.

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