Thursday, May 9, 2013

Great music in Deep Ellum last night: Street Arabs, Lash Outs, Protest, D.R.I.

I started the night off at Club Dada and watched The Street Arabs with my home skillin Chris Mancini. Good stuff. My ears my be still ringing from their set more than any of the other bands I saw, and that's saying a lot.

Next up was The Lash Outs. They had some cool catchy tunes. Kinda nerd punk, to coin a phrase. Great drummer BTW.

Then I went across the street to Trees and saw my boy Jason Burris and his band Protest. This is not for the faint of heart. This is speed, death, thrash at its finest. They closed the show with a tribute to Jeff Hanneman and played Angel of Death and Raining Blood. They killed it. 

Last up were the pioneers of Thrash, D.R.I.

The show was awesome. They played a ton of songs and lots of classics. To me they are better players now then they were when they originally recorded those songs. Even though I stayed out of it (yea, what a wimp), the pit was a site to behold. Lots of mayhem.

A boot to your forehead a knee in your face
Your nose and lips start to bleed
Like a wild Indian from outer space
Drunk and high on weed

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