Sunday, June 9, 2013

More recording. Having a ball. I hope my equip and engineering ability is doing the Taylor justice.

I'm working on a new recording of an old song called "The World Will Be Fine". I'm finally getting around to recording it although I wrote it 6 years ago. For being a depressing sounding song, this song brings back some very happy memories. I wrote it a few days before one of our ZTNB house shows. I played it with Doug Duhon [ @DougDuhon ] on drums and Neil Brincks on bass.  They had never heard the song before of course, but it was cool how the song built up and had a lot of dynamics. It was a fun night and I've enjoyed the recording from that night for years now, but I felt I needed to make an official studio recording of it.

That ZTNB show was the same night the cops showed up and shut down the show. We were set up in Neil's backyard. We had a stage, P.A., etc. and were having a great time. It was getting pretty late and when the cops showed up they had the "really guys?" attitude. I'm sure they thought that we were too old to be having a party with a live band playing outside in neighborhood. Specially at that time of night, which was right about 1 AM.

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