Sunday, June 30, 2013

WD Live + Netflix has dwindled from spotty to downright terrible. I've rebooted, reset, etc.

I love the WD Live unit for a bunch of reasons, but Netflix is terrible on it. It freezes and locks up.

I can access and watch Netflix just fine on laptops connected to the same Wifi hotspot, so it's not the network. The WD Netflix app has to be the issue. I reset and it did work better, but quickly went back to long buffering and now it won't play anything most times I try.

I know Mac Fanboys, I should get Apple TV. That's their answer to everything. When my GM car has an issue, a reasonable response would be that I should buy a Mercedes. Well, Mercedes do break down also, but they are out of my tax bracket, and so is pretty much anything made by Apple.

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