Sunday, June 9, 2013

Went see Seinfeld Sat night. He a funny man. Read my review of the Winspear and the show.

My wife and I went see Jerry Seinfeld at the WinspearOpera House last Sat night.
The Winspear is in downtown Dallas in the arts district. It's a cool area of town with the Meyerson, Nasher, DMV, etc. close by.  It's a beautiful place. There's a really cool reflecting pool in the front that you can walk on since the water is only an inch deep.

It was sold out show, but there was none of the crowded mass of humanity that you usually deal with at concerts. The crowd was big but no long lines and no one was in my personal space, if you know what I mean. Yes, it was crowded, but you could move around and it just seemed casual.

We walked right in the front door and an usher greeted us and looked at our tickets, and then pointed us to the entrance that was best for our seats. The usher at that door pointed us to a usher inside the theater, who pointed us to yet another usher who pointed it to our seats. This was not a bad thing. They were all very nice and helpful. It made things so easy and stress free.

We bought a couple of drinks before going in. The bartender was really nice, and although the drinks were expensive, my Jack and coke was very good (strong).

The crowd was middle age to older and well dressed. Even though it was a comedy show, the vibe was very conservative. But that wasn't a bad thing either. People were polite and friendly, but I didn't get an "uptight" vibe at all. Not that I talked to many people, but my brief encounters with people were pleasant
Not that I dislike people with money, or fancy places, but I'm always on alert to situations where they soak the common man. They take advantage of the situation were they know you've paid a lot to be there, so why not work in some other ways to take your money.

All this pleasantness makes for a good evening. It just sucks when the parking guy is rude, the crowds are pushy and in your business, the people at the door treat you like a prison inmate, the ushers assume you are an idiot, the concession people barely look you in the eye and they throw your drink/food together like their slinging hash for the M.A.S.H. 4077th

I didn't get that feeling at the Winspear except for the parking. The parking started at $15, and you had to leave after the show. The $15 only bought you that space for the duration of the show. Now, for our show this made some sense because it was a double header and there was a second show later that night, so I know those people needed a place to park. I get it, but we wanted to have dinner after the show, but if we would have parked in the "Lexus" parking lot, we would have had to probably pay again to park somewhere else. Luckily we found a private lot a block away that was only $5.

Look, I know parking is expensive at concerts, sporting events, etc. I know it's common to pay $15 to park, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Yes, I know the cost of the parking lot is built in to everything they sell, but I believe that so is the cost of the parking lot at Winspear, they just know people will pay the extra cost.

Somehow Walmart can sell a bunch of cheap crap and still afford to build a huge parking lot and not charge an extra fee. They would if they thought people would pay it, but they know they won't. Yes, this is capitalism. I get that. I am a capitalist.

But I digress. On to the show.

The show opened up with a comedian that I can't remember his name. I even tried a quick search to see if his name is listed for some of the shows, but I couldn't find it. It's not even on Jerry's site.  Sorry fella. He was very funny.

Jerry's set was great. It was what I expected, and that's exactly what I wanted. He was lol funny. The seemingly conservative crowd was eating it up and there was an abundance of belly laughs all around. Not that I really follow all his stand-up routines, but I've heard a lot of his stuff over the years and his material Sat night was all new to me.

We had a great time. It's a really cool place and we'll go back for sure. Maybe I'll even go see an opera.

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