Monday, July 29, 2013

Google, conversation view sucks. Can't turn it off on tablet (Android Jelly Bean). Who uses this?

Desktop version of Gmail gives you the ability to turn of "conversation view", but can't find it on my Tab? 

I'm reading a lot that you can't turn it off. Is that true? I know I can always delete and organize from my desktop, but it really is hard to read individual emails. Just because two emails are from the same person does not mean they are part of the same "conversation".

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Really wanted to ride the mountain bike. Gloves trashed, tire flat, trail closed. Fail

I don't remember my gloves looking like this last time I rode, but I guess I trashed them one final time. My grips on my bike are pretty bad, so I really wanted to wear gloves, but these gloves were not going to work.

Not a deal killer, but really wanted to wear gloves. Oh well, I don't need gloves to ride.

I take my bike off the rack and my back tire is flat. I do need un-flat tire to ride. So it's an annoying setback, but again, not a deal killer. I've sure fixed plenty of flats before.

Next, I load up and off I go to Arobr Hills to hit the trails.

OK, this IS kinda a deal killer.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

@optikalefx is a good guy web dev rock star--Sharing knowledge for the love of the game.

REST, SOAP, JSON, etc. My head is spinning a bit, but digging it. I got this.

I've used these technologies very superficially over the years, but a new project is forcing me to dive in a little deeper. It's very interesting, but slightly overwhelming at times. 

When I tell people I'm a Web Developer, I always want to qualify my answer, because the title encompasses so many things.

For example, my .NET skills are shit, but some of the .NET guys I work with have very little HTML/CSS skills. They really don't know much JS, PHP, etc. either. There thing is .NET and they rock at it. This is where terms like  "Front-End" and "Back-End" comes in, but the lines are blurred and it's hard to get by without knowing a little of both. 

I spent a couple years creating Web pages using nothing more than HTML. Then came CSS. Then came JavaScript. Then came Flash. Then came PHP, etc.

It's never ending. The languages, the frameworks, etc. are vast and change quite often. This is why this field is challenging and fun.

Being a designer first, I always learned technologies to meet my needs as a designer. The last 6+ years have put me more in the developer role. I learn technologies to meet the needs of other people's designs. I still do freelance design work, but most of my freelance is dev work too.

Don't know why I went on that rant. (not really a rant, just observations)

OK, off to greet the day and hopefully receive my Android tablet. You are jealous.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Google Fonts look terrible in Google Chome.???

Google Fonts look terrible in Google Chome.??? 

Is it a Google bug? Might be. I've read about about setting GPU Acceleration, setting ClearType in the OS, or a CSS fix (-webkit-text-stroke: 1px), which doesn't help me fix other people's sites.

All that makes me want to steer clear of using them for now. I am purposely using the default settings in Chrome, as I would bet the average user is, so if it looks bad for me, it is probably looking bad for a lot of others.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Week in review: 4wheeler pig roast guns guitars recording rehearsal running anniversary car repairs new chair Metal Shop Hooters gun range Cicada Killer Wasps

I had the week off and did my best to take advantage. I had lots of fun and lots of down time. I caught up on  a lot of Mad Men and drank quite a few Old Fashions.

I relaxed a little, partied a little, jammed a little, recorded a little, shot a little, rode a little, ran a little, and did a little of other things. They all add up to a lot of happy non-work time. OK, I did work on some freelance here and there, but not very much.

4 wheeler with cow
Brad and his guns.

Pig roast. Brother Leon cooked and carved like a boss.

The jamming was epic. At least in my mind at the time.

Harbourific bass tracks being thrown down.

The 1969s getting our set lean and mean.

Running at Arbor Hills.

Anniversary dinner at Cadot. The company, the soft-shell crab, and the old fashions made for a great night.

Oil change turns into a $350 bill. WTF?

Burgers, beer, and my babe at Village Burger.

New chair for the living room. It was our anniversary gift to ourselves.

More running and sweating.

Invasion of the Cicada Killer Wasps

April showing the boys how to rock.

Lunch at the local breastaurant.

Avery killing paper at the range.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Wordpress adding code that hides content. What the heck WP?

<code style="display: none;"><code style="display: none;"><code style="display: none;"><code style="display: none;"><!-- START OF MAIN CONTENT --></code></code></code></code>

I'm thinking it has something to do with the comment. Maybe it's trying to hide the comment, which should not render by design. But if I removed all that <code> stuff, the page renders fine. 

Also, I can only get this problem to show up on an iPad. I have not seen this issue on any PC (IE, FF, Chrome, Safari) or on my Android phone. I only see the issue (or not see) on an iPad.