Sunday, July 28, 2013

Really wanted to ride the mountain bike. Gloves trashed, tire flat, trail closed. Fail

I don't remember my gloves looking like this last time I rode, but I guess I trashed them one final time. My grips on my bike are pretty bad, so I really wanted to wear gloves, but these gloves were not going to work.

Not a deal killer, but really wanted to wear gloves. Oh well, I don't need gloves to ride.

I take my bike off the rack and my back tire is flat. I do need un-flat tire to ride. So it's an annoying setback, but again, not a deal killer. I've sure fixed plenty of flats before.

Next, I load up and off I go to Arobr Hills to hit the trails.

OK, this IS kinda a deal killer.

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