Saturday, July 27, 2013

REST, SOAP, JSON, etc. My head is spinning a bit, but digging it. I got this.

I've used these technologies very superficially over the years, but a new project is forcing me to dive in a little deeper. It's very interesting, but slightly overwhelming at times. 

When I tell people I'm a Web Developer, I always want to qualify my answer, because the title encompasses so many things.

For example, my .NET skills are shit, but some of the .NET guys I work with have very little HTML/CSS skills. They really don't know much JS, PHP, etc. either. There thing is .NET and they rock at it. This is where terms like  "Front-End" and "Back-End" comes in, but the lines are blurred and it's hard to get by without knowing a little of both. 

I spent a couple years creating Web pages using nothing more than HTML. Then came CSS. Then came JavaScript. Then came Flash. Then came PHP, etc.

It's never ending. The languages, the frameworks, etc. are vast and change quite often. This is why this field is challenging and fun.

Being a designer first, I always learned technologies to meet my needs as a designer. The last 6+ years have put me more in the developer role. I learn technologies to meet the needs of other people's designs. I still do freelance design work, but most of my freelance is dev work too.

Don't know why I went on that rant. (not really a rant, just observations)

OK, off to greet the day and hopefully receive my Android tablet. You are jealous.

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