Monday, July 8, 2013

Week in review: 4wheeler pig roast guns guitars recording rehearsal running anniversary car repairs new chair Metal Shop Hooters gun range Cicada Killer Wasps

I had the week off and did my best to take advantage. I had lots of fun and lots of down time. I caught up on  a lot of Mad Men and drank quite a few Old Fashions.

I relaxed a little, partied a little, jammed a little, recorded a little, shot a little, rode a little, ran a little, and did a little of other things. They all add up to a lot of happy non-work time. OK, I did work on some freelance here and there, but not very much.

4 wheeler with cow
Brad and his guns.

Pig roast. Brother Leon cooked and carved like a boss.

The jamming was epic. At least in my mind at the time.

Harbourific bass tracks being thrown down.

The 1969s getting our set lean and mean.

Running at Arbor Hills.

Anniversary dinner at Cadot. The company, the soft-shell crab, and the old fashions made for a great night.

Oil change turns into a $350 bill. WTF?

Burgers, beer, and my babe at Village Burger.

New chair for the living room. It was our anniversary gift to ourselves.

More running and sweating.

Invasion of the Cicada Killer Wasps

April showing the boys how to rock.

Lunch at the local breastaurant.

Avery killing paper at the range.

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