Sunday, September 8, 2013

Football rant: Bad calls in Saints v Falcons game. Yes, I am biased, and yes the Saints did win, but...

They spotted this about a foot shy of the 1st down. Really? I know the yellow line is not official, but when they brought the chains out, the first down was right on the yellow line. His knees are not down and the ball is over the marker. Should have been a 1st down.

Notice the Falcons O lineman tackling the Saints pass rusher? That would be holding. Not called.

The Saints running back is clearly out of bounds, but the Falcons defender continues to make the tackle and pulls him to the ground a good two feet out of bounds. Should have been a flag on Falcons. Not called.

The Saints on this play were flagged for hitting the QB. This is a close call (I guess), but the problem with the rule is that the defender makes his move to make a hit on the QB when the QB is still running upright, but the QB goes into a slide after the defender has already started his motion to make a hit on him. How can the defender possibly make that adjustment at the last second? I think it's a bad call, or maybe a badly defined rule. If you are the QB and you're about to get him, you can simply go into a slide and get the call every time. 

That's my (somewhat joking) rant. I am so glad the NFL is back!

Go Saints! Go Cowboys!

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