Sunday, September 22, 2013

Murray TD in 2nd QTR should have been a touchback. Why you ask? #Cowboys

DeMarco Murray scores a TD in the 2nd quarter of the Cowboys Rams game. But was it a TD?

Murray did not have clear possession of the football at the exact point it touches the pylon. Check out the picture above. This is right when the ball hit the pylon. You know this because the pylon moves when he hits it with the ball, but in this picture it is just leaning slightly, so this  is right when the pylon is hit. With that in mind, look at his hands and the ball. He does not have possession. The ball is not touching the ground yet, and Murray's feet are in-bounds, so if he would have possession this would be a TD.

What this means is that the ball is fumbled into the end zone an then out of bounds, which would make it a touch back and the Rams would take possession.

I'm a Cowboy fan, so I am glad it was not called, but the intricacies of the NFL fascinate me, and it is a big reason why I love this game..

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