Sunday, November 10, 2013

I'm a Saints fan #1, and Cowboys fan#2. Glad NO won, but Dal looked horrible. Not happy with that

First thing's first. Brees is a stud. Saints fans will look back at this era like Dallas fans look back at the early 90s with Aikman, or the 70s with Roger. I don't know if they'll win another Superbowl with Brees, but he has secured his place in NFL history and will be in Canton one day. 

But WTF is going on with Dallas? This era in Cowboys history will look great on paper. Romo will hold all the Cowboy passing records, Witten will have all the receiving records, and Ware will probably hold the franchise sack records. That is saying something when you're talking about a team that's had so much success in the past, but Cowboys fans will be scratching their head when they read those stats.

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