Sunday, November 3, 2013

Went to Canton to browse the junk. I have a pretty short window of interest for that sort of thing, but had fun.

Canton Texas has a huge flee market every month. It's a full day if you want to see everything. I'm not that interested, but once a year is enough. I do like looking at the old junk for a little while, and I like hanging with our friend Marisol and her family, who come up from time to time to visit and really like going to Canton.

It's a bit white trashy, but on the other hand there's a lot of nice stuff, but most of the nice stuff is not really stuff I am interested in. I usually like the used stuff, or what looks to be surplus stuff. I like looking at the old records, tools, fishing stuff, knifes, gun stuff, etc. I usually buy a cheap pocket knife and some kind of tool, or tool accessory. It just takes so long to walk around and see everything.

The weather was great and the company was too, so it was a good day.

First things first. Must get corn dog.

I found this cool old Chet Atkins LP cover. The record inside was not Chet. Oh well, the cool cover was worth a dollar.

I bought this interesting looking old book from 1958 for Lisa. It was 50 cents.

I saw this other old book from the 60s called "Computers made really simple". It was all about punch cards. I should have bought it just for giggles.

This vendor went with the Quayle spelling of Potato.

I followed my own tradition and bought a couple of cheap knives. One is a decent Kershaw, but the other is a very cheap one.

I have a lot of cheap pocket knives, but I really don't know much about knives. I have a couple of really nice Bucks. I can tell they are way better than pretty much all the other knives I have, but I don't know that much about them. I just like them.

Troy on collecting
I want to say that I have a collection, but I don't know anything about the ones I have, and don't know what knives are good, rare, etc., so I guess I just like having them and messing with them.

I don't have much drive to be a "collector" of anything. I guess if I were wealthy I would collect guitars, but I would just collect the ones I like, whether they were rare, valuable, or not.

Over the years I have contemplated collecting something. I thought about beer bottles, bottle caps, guitar picks, fishing lures, etc., but I don't really have it in me. I guess if I find something unique that interests me I could jump in, but I don't see that happening.

At one point I was collecting football cards back in in the early 90s, but I just loved football and there was a little nostalgia because I had football cards when I was a kid, and I bought some of the old ones that brought back fond memories. After a while I lost interest and then now with the internet you know and can find out whatever you want about the players and teams. I still buy some every once in a while, but I quickly lose interest again.

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