Monday, December 23, 2013

Last Chance Half Marathon complete

I completed the "Last Chance Half Marathon" today, And once again I came in first place.

It started out at 39 degrees but the temp and I warmed up quickly. I saw a few armadillos, but they offered little to no encouragement.

My last few miles were excruciating. I was wondering if it was possible to jog any slower than I was jogging.

My phone battery died at 9.5 miles, so I'm not sure on my time, but at that time I was clocking in some scorching 12+ minute miles.

I was hallucinating during my last few feet. I had targeted a bridge that was going to be the end. I had passed the 13 mile marker, so I figured that the bridge would make it the last point-one-mile. Mysteriously, every time I looked up at the bridge it was still the same distance away. Even though I knew I was still moving forward the bridge never got any closer. WTF?

Finally, I was on the bridge and my journey was complete. I stopped running and found that all my aches and pains while running were not as bad as the pain of walking.

For reasons that are more boring than this story has been (and will be) already, I had calculated the end of my route to be a good .75 miles from my car. So I had to walk another .75 miles after finishing my 13.1 mile run.

I walked just over .25 miles when I saw a bench. As bad as I wanted to be at my car, I wanted to sit down even more. I stopped and sat on the bench. There were so many different muscles, ligaments, connecting tissue, etc. yelling at me. I didn't sit long, as I wanted the comfy seat of my car, and wanted to get to large amounts of fluids. You see, my preparation for this consisted of waking up and going running. I had not eaten, I didn't drink any water, I didn't stretch, and I didn't do anything but just took off running.

To be fair, I do run. Or I should say, I jog. I jog a couple of times a week, and usually about 3 miles. Each year I try to work up to a half marathon at the end of the year.

For a few years in a row I ran the White Rock "Half". It was pretty cool. It was a well-supported run with lots of fun stuff along the way. There were bands that play along the route, and lot of rest stops with food, water, Gatorade, and lots of encouragement.

A little Troy running history
I had run a 10K once, and then saw a 15K advertised. What the hell, I gave it a try and completed it. Well that's just a few miles shy of a half, so I signed up for the Half and completed it. So I made that a yearly tradition and did the Half in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006. In 2007 the fee rose and I really couldn't pay it. I decided to just go outside and run my own half marathon. So for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, and now 2013 I ran my own race that was sponsored, organized, and run by me. My goal is to get it in by the end of the year, so it's called the "Last Chance Half Marathon".

I am a 6-time winner of the LCHM. I have the medals to prove it.

Does anyone have a a good Vicodin source?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

New song in the works. It's about love gone bad. Funny, you can substitute Obama and it still works. Or Bush I guess.

Had fun being iced-in the last couple of days as it produced a new tune. I had started on a riff a few days ago, and some words started coming together this weekend.

I guess I'll post it. Sharing my music is always kind of a let down to some degree. I put a lot of thought, time, and effort into my music, and I know going in to it that I'll never get back what I put in to it. I don't create for applause, but it's sure nice to hear. I sure wrote lots of songs before there was facebook, blogs, or even the Internet as we know it, so that's not my motivation, but I like hearing positive feedback.

Oh well, maybe I'll be famous when I'm dead. Maybe I'll get big in the Netherlands or Holland, or is that the same thing? I think it is. I think the Dutch would like my tunes.

Spent an hour putting books into shelfari. Why? I don't know. Pretty much all WebDev/Design and Beatles. I'm not very well read.