Friday, February 21, 2014

1st rehearsal and Tele took a dump. Time for it to go under the knife.

First rehearsal with the new band went well right up to the point where my guitar crapped out. All of sudden my bridge pickup volume pot started getting scratchy, and I loss a lot of volume. I was so disappointed. I've had the Tele a  couple of years now, and never had any problems, but I guess a rehearsal is better than a gig to have it break down.

 I'm guessing I need to change the vol pot, but reading sites like this one makes me want to go mod crazy on it. 

I could easily spend $250 on the mods, which is what I paid for the whole guitar. I've been looking at upgrading the tuners, so that upgrade might have to wait till I get the electronics back in working order.

The good thing is that a volume pot is cheap to replace, so I should be back in action soon. 

As far as rehearsal went, luckily, Neil had a cool old Ibanez Roadstar that he loaned me and the rehearsal went on. We jammed on a couple of my songs and a couple of originals, and we even jammed a little on a brand new tune that I'm excited about. Very good times, and good things to come.

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