Monday, April 7, 2014

Central Market crab cakes. 99 flavors but crab ain't one. #CentralMarket

Central Market has some really good stuff, but be ready to pay out the a$$ for it. That being said, many times it does feel like it's a good value, because some of their stuff is that good, and when I have the cash I'm willing to spend more to get more.

I had their crab cakes yesterday. They were pretty damn pricey, as is everything else, but the bigger problem was that I didn't taste any crab in them. They were a minced up mush of lots of flavors, but crab really wasn't one of them. I had to pick an dig to find something that looked like crab, and even though I think I may have spotted a piece, I didn't really taste any.

To be fair, I bought some pork eggs rolls, and some jalapeno poppers that were both excellent. 

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