Sunday, April 6, 2014

Working on Bertolf covers. 2 versions. 1 close to original, and another my own style. Fun stuff. #Bertolf

Check out Bertolf on Spotify. He's a songsmith of the highest order. I decided to try and record a cover and mimic him as best I can. I just about have the copy version done. In my head it sounds pretty close, but I'm guessing if he ever hears it he will not think so, but hopefully he is flattered and appreciates the effort.

I will record a second version and mix it up a bit.

There's a lot of YouTube stuff on him, but I can't find much info in English. When I translate pages they just don't make that much sense to me. Something is definitely lost in the translation. I've heard him speak English on one video, and he seems to speak very good English, but all the live stuff and interviews are in Dutch.


  1. That's great that you are doing some Bertolf covers. Looks like "Simply Amazing" - beautiful song. It's great to know another fan of Bertolf Lentink in the States! I found out about Bertolf in 2008 when a friend in Holland sent me a CD of Ilse DeLange, in whose band Bertolf was playing at the time. In 2009, around the time of his first solo album, FOR LIFE, I started an English language forum (which turned out to be more like a blog) at There is some biographical info there in the "About Bertolf" section that's been translated into English. I don't post much there any more, since people don't seem that "in" to forums any more!

    1. Thanks Steve. I'll check out the forum. There's not a lot out there about him in English. Have you checked out the Color Reports? Very cool album.

      I first saw a video of Bertolf playing a cover of "Martha My Dear" and that made me look him up, and I've been a fan ever since.

      I'll post my cover song here when it's done.