Wednesday, May 7, 2014

HTML Devs - the Android Gmail app is a nightmare

I WAS convinced that most people on Android devices used the native email app. I thought that most people (myself included) used the native app even if they had a Gmail account. That's opposed to using the Gmail app. Well, whether that WAS true or not, it is definitely not the case now.

The Gmail app's big downfall WAS (just like the desktop web version) that it ignored styles in the head, and that meant it ignore medial queries. But media queries on the Android Gmail app wasn't a big deal, as not many people used the app (I thought). Most people use the native email app.

This used to not be a huge buzz kill, as the Gmail app just showed email in tact, but you had to pinch and scroll to see all the content. Not a good thing, but the layout was intact. Well, the Gmail Android app does more than just ignore media queries. It also attempts to fit the email into the viewport. but unlike the iPhone, the Android Gmail app does some damage along the way. I am still working through what exactly it's doing, but it's ignoring some cell widths and other things. 

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