Sunday, May 25, 2014

Trying to take video for Bertolf cover, but not working out. I will have to start all over another day.

I attempted to shoot some video footage to make a video to go along with my Bertolf cover of "Simply Amazing". I set up in the garage and started recording using my GoPro.

Well, I checked a test shot. I had to go back inside and view the file on the computer, as the GoPro does not have a display. The video looked OK, but the angle got too much lawn equipment in it. I had the setting on a narrow view, but GoPro still has a pretty wide shot on it's narrowest setting.

I decided to get the GP app working on my tablet, so I could use that as a monitor. This took a while to get it working, but when I did it worked great.

The next problem was that I was playing the audio to play along with, and it did not have a count off, so I had to render a new version of the song with a count off at the beginning. 

After I got that done I went back to the garage and tried to bring up the new file on my phone (which is how I was playing the audio), but the new version wasn't there. I went back inside to the computer and I still had the file open in VLC player, so it wouldn't copy to Dropbox. Doah! I closed Dropbox and dragged the file over again. This time I waited to make sure it was actually saving.

I went back to the garage and set it all up again. Now, the WiFi on the GoPro was not working, and went it started working, my tablet would connect for a second or two and then drop off. Damn it!. I fiddled with that for a good 10 minutes before giving up. It was freakin' hot in the garage and I wanted to go on with actually shooting video, so I just shot the footage with what I believed to be a good angle. I did a few takes from a couple of different angles. But wait, I realized I had not turned on the light. Without the light, but footage would certainly be too dark. The garage just has a couple of little bulbs. I had cranked up a very bright shop light earlier, which worked fine, but I forgot to turn it back on. Crap!.

I turned on the light and did the shots all over again. During these shots, it started to pour outside, which wasn't a huge problem, but I could feel my Taylor getting sticky and really don't want to ruin that guitar.

I shut it all down and brought everything inside, but then realized that I didn't plug a cable into the microphone. the mic is really just a prop as I'm not really amplifying my voice, but it just looks kind of stupid. I definitely pulled a Flea.

Oh well, so I went inside and looked at the footage. Every angle has viewable lawn equipment and garage junk. Damn it!

Since the rain came down, I have no option of going outside somewhere. Plan B will have to be another day.

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