Friday, July 18, 2014

We had a successful Galveston Trip

Lisa and I headed down I45 for a long weekend in Galveston. For the most part the drive was great. We had good weather and the traffic was not terrible.

Somewhere along the way I started getting a pain in my lower back on the right side. It started off pretty mild but quickly turned in to a terrible pain and I started getting nauseous. I grabbed a plastic bad from the back seat as it was getting really bad. Lisa pulled over and I got some fresh air and walked around a bit. I didn't get sick thankfully, and after a few minutes the pain subsided a little. Lisa was looking up the symptoms on her phone and everything pointed to a kidney stone. 

We took back off, but the pain was still pretty bad. I was thinking that the vacation was over and we might need to find a hospital or clinic. I took some Alieve and started drinking lots of water. I tried to just put it out of my mind and just deal with it for a while. About 20 minutes when by and just like that the pain completely went away. I hope that never comes back. It was pretty bad. I have never broken a bone or had any kind of surgery. I've never been shot, given birth, or anything like that, so I'm sure all those things are more painful that what I experienced, but it was pretty damn painful.

Back to the vacation.

We got to the island and checked in to our room at Casa del Mar. The hotel was nothing fancy. It was very nice, but not a super high-end place, but it had awesome rooms and a great view. The rooms were mini apartments with a full fridge and a mini, but very functional, stove. It was stocked with plates, silverware, pots, pans, etc. Everything looked pretty new inside the room. It was very comfortable.

First things first...we hit the beach.
On the first night we went to a little hole-in-the-wall bar downtown called the Old Quarter, and I got in on their "Open Mic" night. I played a few of my tunes. There wasn't much of a crowd, but they all clapped, and told me afterwards that they enjoyed my songs.
The owner talked to me for a little while after my set. He talked about booking me there. It was very nice to hear. It probably won't happen, but it was cool that he liked my set enough to approach me about playing.

The next morning I dropped Lisa off a coffee shop downtown where she went on a walking photography tour. The instructor took her to some interesting sites on the harbor side of the island and some downtown spots. She knew a lot of history about the island and had a great eye. Lisa loved it.
I took off down the beach to do some fishing. I found a spot towards the west end of the island where I could drive on the beach. I fished for a while, but the seaweed was too much to deal with.
I picked up Lisa from the photography tour place and we went have lunch at Fish Tales, which is a restaurant on the seawall across from the beach. It had a great view, fresh seafood, and strong drinks.
The next day we went for a long bike ride down the seawall. We got a little excercise and there were tons of great people watching and the gulf breeze kept the temps down.
Later we drove down the island towards the west end and went back to the place I tried to fish at the day before. The seaweed was much more manageable, and I fished in the surf for probably 3+ hours. I caught a ton of fish. They were mostly small, but it was a blast.
We finished off the weekend with at a really good restaurant called The Gumbo Bar. It was definitely not gumbo weather, but I had some anyway, and it was really good. The Hurricane's were kicking also.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1969s rehearsal last night at the new space. A bit loud, but good vibe there.

We worked on some new and old tunes. I like the vibe there, but it was too loud at times. The space is smaller than the last room, but it's not cramped. It's nice and cozy. I just have to always remember ear plugs.