Saturday, August 16, 2014

Uber FAIL by Dominoes. Pizza Hut took care of me.

Not a huge fan of Dominoes nor Pizza Hut, but a huge company like Dominoes should have their stuff together. After getting the "Attention! (our site sucks) popup twice, I went to Pizza Hut and I was in and out in 5 minutes. I hardly ever order from Pizza Hut, and it's been many years (before I owned a computer probably) that I ordered from Dominoes, but we had a crave for some thin-crust, and thought it would be a quick easy process to order online.

We actually do order pizza from time to time, but it's usually Pizza Express, but they have such a ghetto online system. The UI is so clunky and non-intuitive. And, they call you to confirm your order. Call? The main reason I'm ordering online is that I don't want to call and talk to people. Oh well, their pizza is really good, but tonight we went with the big boys. 

It looks like the pizza will get here right when the Cowboy game ends. Perfect. I don't want my stomach upset. Actually, it looks like the Boys made a game of it. It's only preseason anyway.

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