Thursday, January 14, 2016

Birthday at White Rock lake

Tue 1-12-16

I took the day off and spent it at White Rock Lake. The lake is always busy, but it's relatively calm on Tuesday. The weather was a bit cool, but not too bad at all.

For my 50th birthday I had set a goal for a 5.0 mile run, 50 push ups, and a 50 mile bike ride.

I went for a nice 5 miles run. I felt good and the temp was perfect for running.

I knocked out the 50 push ups.

The Ride
I haven't rode for any significant distant in a long time. It's probably been 3 years since I've gone over 10-15 miles. I ride my mountain bike from time to time, but those are usually short distances. I do ride a few miles on the stationary bike at the gym, but that is usually only 5 miles at a time. So this will be interesting.

It's right about 10 miles around White Rock Lake. On my first lap and was about 7-8 miles in and I came to the split in the trail where you can take the Santa Fe Trail to Deep Ellum. So I jumped on the Sante Fe Trail and made my way towards downtown. It was very cool. It took you through a few sketchy neighborhoods, but it was a nice trail with some interesting scenery.

The trail hits a "T" so I took a left. This trail ended very soon, so I turned around and took the other trail which ended at Elm Street and Exposition, right across from Sons of Herman Hall. I took the sidewalk down towards Trees, Da Da, etc. I was so cool that I could get down there that quickly. I looked around a bit, and turned around and headed back to White Rock.

I got back on the trail around the lake and made it back to my car at around 20 miles in. At this point
my back, butt, neck, feet, etc. were starting to yell at me. I was about to throw up the white flag. I rested a few minutes and then decided to go for one more lap.

I made it another lap, but that's all I had in me. So 30 miles is where it ended. It was a good ride, but 50 wasn't going to happen.

All in all it was a good day at the lake and I felt good about it all. I will be sore, but not too bad for being a half a century old.

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