Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pickup installation - not so fast.

Today was the day I was going install my new pickup in my Strat. I bought a cheap Hot Rail knockoff from Amazon. It was $14, so I was not expecting much, but it actually had good reviews, so I thought I would try it out. This is a cheap Squire Strat that I am upgrading, and I don't mind experimenting on it.

The pickup came with no wiring diagram or instructions, so it was off to internet to research. I installed a few EMGs in the past, but the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. And the the active EMGs came with their own pots, screws, etc.. This pickup was bare bones. Just the pickup and two screws and two springs.

I get it, it was cheap. So I found a few instructional videos on YouTube, but they were for the Seymour Duncan's, and of course the wire colors on this pickup were slightly different. I was just about ready to give it a shot. I felt about 90% confident I knew where the wires needed to be connected to, but as I took a real close look at the wires on the pickup, I noticed one wire was cut. The wires on the pickup have not slack, so there was no way for me to repair it. Oh well, Amazon return, here I come.

The question now is, do I order another one. I think I will. Again, $14 we are talking about.

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