Wednesday, March 20, 2019

New Years Goals - books

Well, I'm not exactly "on track" with my goals, but I have time to recover. One goal was to read six books this year. I made these goals with a group of friends who also did the same, and within the group it has been decided that audio books do qualify as "reading" books. That being said, I have completed one audio book, and I have started two others.

"The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels" by Alex Epstein

Thanks to Google Rewards I was able to buy this audio book for free. Well, not free, as it did cost me my  time to take quite a few short surveys, but it seemed worth it.

The book was fascinating and eye-opening. I saw an interview with the author, Alex Epstein, on The Rubin Report, which is a Google Channel/Podcast by David Rubin, who I discovered through the Intellectual Dark Web. Epstein's case was compelling and led me to buy his book.

I have started two other (paper) books.

"Five Proofs of the Existence of God" by Edward Feser

My interest in this book came by way of an interview Ben Shapiro did with the author, Edward Feser. This book looks at natural theology and rational reasons for the existence of God.

Edward Feser | The Ben Shapiro Show

"Free to Choose" by Milton Friedman

I've watch many a YouTube video with Milton Friedman and always appreciated his logical and fact-based advocacy of Capitalism and the free market system, and how this relates to personal freedom and liberty.

Milton Friedman Speaks - Is Capitalism Humane?

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